A Better Map

Social Network Navigation

  • Entirely new navigation structure
    • Main dropdown featuring quick links to about/team pages and original creation video. Also a quick link to the Digital Promise videoQuick access to Helpdesk features
      • Submit a ticket
      • View your tickets
      • How-to
      • Changelog
    • KVEC specific dropdown featuring:
      • Programmatic pages
      • Frequently visited Hollers
      • Digital Stories
      • National News Coverage
      • Innovation Grant Application
      • FIREsummit
      • KVEC/ARI Calendar

Social Network – Image and Document Sharing 

  • Social Network Media Share
    • Active masonry in the activity stream – reformats thumbnails to the same size for uniformity on multiple media posts
    • Search now available in individual media galleries
    • Album description in the CREATE AN ALBUM dialogue box
  • Social Network Document Sharing
    • Original Holler document upload process has been DEPRECATED. This allows for one method for sharing all documents, photos, audio, and video on the site. Users can create Albums, or folders, to organize all of their groups content in one place. To learn how to create and work with Albums, see this article.
      • All of the Holler documents were moved to the new system – now located under the MEDIA tab

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