Month: August 2019

Emax Babyhawk

The Babyhawk from Emax is a micro brushless quadcopter this is tons of fun to fly. It runs on an EMAX Femto micro F3 flight controller with STM32F303 CPU is ideal for micro brushless FPV racing


Simple Machines

Simple Machines Set contains enough pieces to build a lever, pulley, inclined plane, wheel and axle, and wedge


Makey Makey

An electronic invention kit for all ages! It allows you to take everyday objects and combine them with the internet.


Friction Inclined plane

Students are introduced to the concept of simple tools and how they can make difficult or impossible tasks easier


Robotics smart machines

Robotics is a vast, thrilling, and sometimes overwhelming interdisciplinary field involving physics, engineering, and computer science. This kit gives kids a simple, fun.


Robot Mouse

Build your maze, and then use the Coding cards to create a step-by-step path for the programmable robot mouse.


KIBO Robot

KIBO is an easy and fun way to bring robotics and coding to your young learners and spark their interest in STEM.



Osmo is a unique gaming accessory that will change the way children learns. Osmo is designed with reflective artificial intelligence, a groundbreaking technology that bridges the real and digital realms.


Discovering STEM mechanics

DISCOVERING STEM series was developed by qualified teachers and academics, following the latest pedagogical trends in order to combine theory with practice.


Circuit maze

With Circuit Maze, your goal is to create a real electrical circuit that lights up designated beacons. Arrange the tokens to form a circuit path to light up the beacons indicated on the challenge card.