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Many of the Holler’s, or sub-communities on, consist of users uploading photos and documents to the activity stream. A new feature you may not be aware of will allow you to organize all media within an individual Holler into folders or albums.

When you visit any Holler, or group, on the site, you’ll see a list of links directly above the activity stream. Clicking the MEDIA link will bring up a list of all media that has been shared by this group.

The demo group we’re using for this tutorial does not currently have any media uploaded, so we’re going to fix that.  Since I’ve already clicked the MEDIA link, I now see the Media Gallery which is currently empty.

Now, by clicking OPTIONS, a drop down will appear allowing me to Bulk Edit files or ADD ALBUM. Once I click ADD ALBUM, the following options appear to give this album (folder) a name.


After typing in a name, I’ll click CREATE ALBUM to save. You’ll then see an updated screen that shows the album with a preview of how many files are held within. In this case, you’ll see a zero because we’ve yet to add anything.

Next, I’ll click the UPLOAD button and a few options will appear.

You’ll now have the ability to choose where you want to save your file within this specific group. I’ll click the ALBUM drop down menu and I have two options: WALL POSTS and TECHNICAL DOCUMENTS. Choosing WALL POSTS will leave the files I upload unorganized and live on the group’s activity stream. Clicking TECHNICAL DOCUMENTS will save the files I upload within that album (folder), so that is what I want to choose.

Now, I’ll click SELECT YOUR FILES and browse through my computer until I find the file I want to upload. You can also drag and drop your file(s) within the gray shaded area within the dashes. You can upload one file, or drag multiple within this box. Once you’ve attached everything you would like to put into this album, you can now click START UPLOAD and the files will be sent to The Holler’s servers.

Once the file(s) is uploaded you can click on it for a Google Docs preview or photo preview of the file. With this dialogue box pulled up, you can also click the DOWNLOAD link to get access to the full file on your computer or click the LIKE button to let the uploader know the file was helpful.