Lock it Down

New Security Features

  • The Holler Network now has SSL protection – SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.
      • Peer to peer conversation is now encrypted for better security and protection
      • Google will not flag The Holler as an unsafe site in their SSL enforcement plan for April 2018
      • A safer collaborative environment for users
      • HTTPS://www.theholler.org
      • HTTPS://learn.theholler.org
      • HTTPS://helpdesk.theholler.org
      • HTTPS://act.theholler.org
      • HTTPS://petll.theholler.org
      • HTTPS://platform.theholler.org
      • HTTPS://summit.theholler.org
    • Known issues:
      • Some individual Hollers (groups) may show an un-secure/mixed content warning for a short time. Activity feeds with shared URLs before March 15, 2018, were shared without forcing HTTPS posts. These pages are still secure but will flag a mixed content warning from the browser. As those posts transition to the archive, or move further down the timeline, the mixed content warning will no longer appear. New URLs shared to activity feeds are forced to share HTTPS versions to comply with SSL functionality.
  • New Mail Delivery Server
    • The new Holler mail delivery server offers added security and patches holes in the previous SMTP system.
    • Emails dropped or suppressed by the server will trigger SPAM warnings and remove bots or spam accounts from the system
    • Daily stats collected for outgoing/incoming emails to the system

LMS Improvements

  • Batch sections have been created for courses.
    • Provide multiple sections with shared curriculum
      • update curriculum in one place and all sections are updated simultaneously
    • Develop cohort tracks/district tracks
      • sign up for a batch and be auto-enrolled in all courses affiliated to that batch
        • courses could be tiered to force a specific progression with passing scores, certificates and badges
        • students could pick and choose what courses within a batch
      • batch discussion – district discussion

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