Fighting Bugs and Bots

Bugs that have been conquered

  • LMS Instructor ADMIN link inside courses would redirect to the About page
    • link structure fixed – PHP bug blocked the appropriate¬†redirect – fixed
    • individual courses – instructor approved only instead of any member registration
    • Permalink structure rebuilt
    • Accounts created on Holler subsites other than the LMS were not transferring¬†to the LMS database – fixed
  • SQL Injection SPAM-BOT – blocked from the Holler database
  • Basic PHP updates to image upload and sharing
    • improved preview area for YouTube link sharing
  • Social Network security patches
    • improved protection for sitewide notices
    • encryption of serialized data
    • better redirect services on user edit screens
    • fixed bug on error message when updating avatar

Bugs known to be causing problems

  • Documents shared on social media stream are not showing document names
  • Creating multiple user accounts form one location sharing the same IP address
    • Creating multiple accounts from one location (such as a school) flags as a potential DDoS attack
      • All users are on separate¬†machines but the network filters everything down to 1 IP address before leaving the school or location. This will flag an error message that says FORBIDDEN. If this happens, contact the helpdesk and we will approve your user registrations and whitelist your IP, helping block future issues.

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