Class is Back in Session

Learning Management System

The Holler LMS has gone through a number of upgrades.

  • Ajax login screen for easier access and faster load times
  • Dynamic quizzes available in BETA (95% up and running with a few more tests to run)
  • Automated email system with reminders and formatting from the Holler server
  • Instruction manual available for Holler LMS Teachers
  • Instruction manual available for Holler LMS Students
  • Point system integration for the LMS
    • Points for watching instructional videos
    • Points for joining a course
    • Points for viewing and finishing assignments
  • Rest API functionality
    • Faster interaction with the server
    • Beginning stages for Holler LMS dedicated mobile application for phone and tablet devices
  • Cloning features for pre-made courses
  • Course template creation

SPAM Upgrades

  • Continued improvement of the SPAM filters
    • An average of 15k SPAM attacks blocked per week
    • Preparation¬†has begun for SSL certification installation

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