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Change log – May 30, 2017

SEO Optimization

  • Installation of new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Code
    • New indexing method for The Holler Network for better search engine clarity and rank
      • Backlog of main Holler Stories categories – Keywords and topics added to create better ranking
      • Backlog of keywords, topics and classification processes for Holler Network pages (About, Home, Members, etc.)
    • New Social Cards and Meta Tags for Facebook
      • og:image:secure_url – standardization on posts and pages
      • og:imagetype –¬†standardization on posts and pages
      • og:title –¬†standardization on posts and pages
      • og:description –¬†standardization on posts and pages
      • og:image –¬†standardization on posts and pages
      • Twitter Card sharing standardization
      • Removal of deprecated categories and keyword structure that no longer fits the mission of The Holler Network.

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