One Footer to Rule them All

Change log – April 21, 2017

New Items

  • Universal Footer for all Holler network sites
    • The same site footer system is now implemented across the network. From any page on the site, you can quickly jump from between sites, activity streams and visit the most trafficked and newest sections of The Holler
      • Quick links to forms (submit a story, ask a question, video request)
      • Quick links to digital stories and the topics with the most posts
      • jump to the LMS
      • jump to the Helpdesk
      • jump to PETLL
      • jump to the Social Network
      • Subscribe to the mailing list
      • Download The Holler app from iOS or Google
  • New Badging System on The Holler
    • The point system has been extended to log more actions on the site
      • viewing pages
      • reading stories
      • watching videos
      • listening to podcasts
      • social activity – friend requests, messaging, joining Hollers, posting in Hollers, etc.
    • Points accumulate into RANKS
      • Holler Newbie – starting rank
      • Wayfinder – more than 200 points – for users who are starting to dive into the site
      • Holler Monster in Training – more than 300 points – users who are posting on the site on a regular basis and engaging in content
      • Marathon Runner – more than 450 points – users staying engaged over an extended period of time, posting multiple stories and interacting with other users in multiple communities
      • Certified Holler Monster – more than 600 points – users participating in every Holler Network function over an extended period of time.

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