Bug Battle 2.0

New features/patches

  • New page builder in the LMS
    • Allows the creation of page and post templates that can be easily deployed for instructors not familiar with code
  • Core – Network updates to NGINX and PHP structure
  • New file-sharing library in the LMS for student/instructor discussion and classroom sharing

Bugs that have been conquered

  • PHP 7 improvements and patches for the Social Network
  • PHP 7 improvements and patches for the LMS
  • A new SPAM protection script whitelisting all public IP addresses from Kentucky Schools
  • Quiz javascript update in LMS
  • Course application bug fixed
    • applicants were not allowed to apply for some private courses
  • Login pop-up javascript error on LMS

Bugs known to be causing problems

  • Code not compiling correctly if submitting multiple videos and photos simultaneously on the Social Network

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