Out With the Old – In With the New

Change log – April 14, 2017

New Items

  • New Artisan Teacher Talent video submission process for PETLL.theholler.org
    • Users can submit logged in or logged out
    • Email sent to site admin and person who submitted a video for receipt acknowledgment and whether the post was approved or rejected
    • Approved stories are automatically posted on the PETLL home page and a new page was created to collect ALL stories, filterable by teacher talent.
    • Viewable at this link
  • Digital Story Submission on theholler.org
    • Users may now submit stories
    • Non-logged in users or users without an account may now submit stories
    • Viewable at this link
  • Video Request
    • Users may submit a video request for items they would like Holler staff to produce video content about
    • All information must be filled out for request to be considered
    • Viewable at this link
  • Auctions on The Holler
    • Full auctioning service built into the main Holler site
      • Tiny house auctions are live for 60 days
      • Photos can be added, auction rules can be controlled
      • Users must have a Holler account and be logged in to bid
      • Emails are sent for successful bids and auction updates for those who sign up for them or join the auction as a participant
      • Added Auctions to the top menu of social network
      • Viewable at this link
  • News and story aggregation
    • Deprecated old system – removed entirely for Javascript errors (old system in place for 13 months)
    • New system implemented – faster load times and cleaner user interface – provides more options for showcasing digital stories on the Holler
  • 2nd Gen Holler servers deprecated
    • Backed up on the cloud
    • removed from the system entirely

Bugs Fixed

  • Not being able to log in from the homepage of theholler.org
  • Form submission issues
  • Homepage slider, not auto-rotating images
  • Period removed from Breadcrumbs navigation
  • Icon overlapping documents number in Holler documents
  • Word breaks in strange places on text – breaks in a logical way now
  • Entire badging system deprecated in favor of a new system currently in development
    • will allow for different levels of users as well as individual badges
    • better for long term tracking
    • old system in place for 2 years, Javascript errors growing – needed attention
  • Navigation system dialed back to a simple method on theholler.org
    • a new system being developed to include new dynamic main navigation and a more robust footer application


  • 13,002SPAM attacks blocked
  • 276 SPAM user accounts blocked from signup

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