Viewing and Updating your Profile

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You have the ability to feature profile information on the Holler. You can view profile information for any user that has updated their profile by clicking on their username and then clicking on Profile.


You will notice that within each profile, some words are underlined with a dashed line. These underlined words are links that, when clicked, will bring up every user who has input the same information into their profile. This will allow you to quickly find all users affiliated with a specific school district, school, or interest.


To update your own profile, log in to the site and then mouse over where it says “Howdy, “your name” in the top right-hand side.

You will then see a link that says “Edit My Profile.” Click this link to edit.


You will now be able to edit two section of your profile. BASE is the information that every user must enter to register for the site. Right now, that is just your name and the city you live in. You may adjust this information at anytime.

You can also click the “About User” button to input more information about yourself into the Holler. Once you click “About User” you will be prompted with more fields to complete. Each one of these fields is optional and you can control how private or public you would like the information to be.