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Standard Operating Procedure for Making a Video Request

If you have an upcoming event you would like to have captured on video (or photos taken) you can check out the required equipment yourself or put in a request to have a Holler Technician shoot the event for you. The Holler staff will work hard to accommodate everyone, but we ask that requests be made at least 2 weeks in advance if possible.

OPTION 1: Checkout the equipment yourself

If you feel comfortable using a camera, it may be easier to checkout the equipment yourself. See Equipment Checkout Procedure to learn more.

If your interested in learning how to use the studio equipment, check out this quick Canon Camera Tutorial.


OPTION 2: Make a Video Request

To make a video request, visit website. On any page you will see the “Home” tab at the top left next to the HOLLER logo, if you hover your mouse over this tab a drop down will appear containing “REQUEST FORMS.” If you hover your mouse over this then you will get a second drop down containing a “VIDEO REQUEST” option. Alternatively you can use this link to jump straight to the request page:

The resulting page has a comprehensive form, just follow the instructions on screen for each field and click “Submit” when you are finished. This will send the information to Holler staff for review. You will receive a notification email within the next few days whether or not your request can be fulfilled or requesting further information.


Your Name and Email Address will auto-fill if you are logged in to your Holler account. Notification emails will be sent throughout the process.

Event Location and Event Date/Time is required for scheduling purposes.

What Type of Event helps us know what to prepare for, you can check all that apply.

In the next couple of fields please provide details about the purpose and overall plan for the final video.

When would you like the video to be published by? Give a desired deadline to have the finished video published.

Where would you like the final video to be published too? Where should it be published (YouTube, theHoller, Vimeo, etc)