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Uploading Video to YouTube…then to the PETLL Holler:

Part 1. Uploading to Youtube

  1. Record your video on your iPad, 5-10 minutes, 10 preferred.
  2. Upload & save to your computer.
  3. Login to YouTube
  4. Upload your video by clicking on upload.
  5. In the Tags section, add keywords that would help a viewer find your video (ex: Holler, PETLL) and separate the keywords with commas.
  6. Click Publish. Once complete it should look similar to the image below.



Part 2. Uploading to the PETLL Holler

We have recently updated the petll.theholler.org page to be more visually appealing and user friendly. Here are some updated instructions for posting your videos.

  1. Copy the YouTube link for the video, this can be located under the social media buttons after the video has been published (See the image in step 6 of Uploading to YouTube.) You can also locate this link by editing the video in YouTube’s Video Manager or by selecting Share when viewing the video.
  2. Now, login to https://petll.theholler.org/.
  3. Scroll down the page and find the Submit Video button as seen below. Alternatively you can use this link to go directly to the submit video form: https://petll.theholler.org/submit-video/
  4. Provide an appropriate title, your name and email should autofill if you are logged in.
  5. Answer the simple math problem to prove you are human. (1 + 1 = 2)
  6. Check the Artisan Teacher Talent category that corresponds to your video.
  7. Paste your video link from before into the Post Content section.
  8. Click Submit Post.


Please Note: The post will not appear on the site immediately, as one of our Holler technicians will need to approve and post it. A notification email will be sent to the email provided in the form, verifying the success or failure of your upload.