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Having an issue? Need some tech help? Don’t stress over it, let us help you.

First off you are going to have to access ‘Helpdesk‘.

You can find it in the top right of The Holler homepage.

Now that you are on the Helpdesk page  you can scroll down to the bottom and there you find the ticket submitter!

Here you can tell us about all the problems you are having rather it be a question about a certain kind of tech, or a issue you might be having on one of our sites.

Pictured above you may notice how you can identify the urgency of your ticket.   

You can also put your ticket in a category which will help us sort though them so you can get a faster and more precise answer.

This spot can be left default unless your ticket deals with a specific site.

Let’s fill one out for a forgotten password.

You can also submit a file or a photo, if needed.

Once it’s filled out press ‘Submit Ticket‘.

Now we wait for a response.

Also, When you submit a ticket you will get an email and whenever someone responds you will get another email.

That means you don’t constantly have to check Helpdesk hoping for a reply.

Problem solved!

Lost Password

Here you can see the issue was resolved by referring  to a Wiki.

Wikis can be found on the Helpdesk Homepage.

Wikis are basically FAQ’s where you will find answers to previously asked questions as well as some other sought after information.

Be sure you check there if you have a question, it’s likely it was already answered in detail there.