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Standard Operating Procedure for Story Submission

To submit a story, visit website, on any page you will see the “Home” tab at the top left next to the HOLLER logo, if you hover your mouse over this tab a drop down will appear containing “REQUEST FORMS.” If you hover your mouse over this then you will get a second drop down containing a “Submit Story” option. Alternatively you can use this link to jump straight to the request page:

The resulting page has a comprehensive form, just follow the instructions on screen for each field and click “Submit” when you are finished. This will send the information to Holler staff for review. You will receive a notification email within the next few days if the story was posted or requesting further information.


Your Name and Email Address will auto-fill if you are logged in to your Holler account. Notification emails will be sent throughout the process.

Post Title is the desired title you would like for your story if it is published.

1 + 1 = is a way to counter spam, similar to a captcha, just type a 2 into this space to prove your human.

Post Category only has one option at the moment, mark it ‘Uncategorized’ and the poster will categorize it appropriately before it goes live.

Post Content is the body of your story, excluding any media such as photos.

File(s) is where you can attach images and other files to be included in the story, if none are included we may have to incorporate stock art.