Changing the email address associated with your account

Navigate to the Holler homepage at and open the dropdown menu next to your profile picture. Click “Settings.” From that page, enter your password into the top box and your desired new email address into the circled box. Click “Save Changes” and your email address will be changed.

Creating an account for the Holler

Go to the Holler homepage at and click on “Register” in the top right corner. On the page that takes you to, fill in your information. Agree to the terms and conditions and click “Complete Sign Up,” and you’ll receive a verification email at your specified address. Click the verification link there, and you’ll […]

Equipment Checkout Procedure

Standard Operating Procedure for Equipment Checkout Before any equipment leaves the studio, it is important to identify what equipment is leaving and who will ultimately be responsible for its care while it’s out. Please don’t remove any piece of equipment from the studio without adhering to the official checkout procedure. Locate the equipment checkout sheet. Fill [...]

Lost Password

Directions to recovering the keys to the castle. 1. Access Holler Homepage 2. Click ‘Login‘ button (Pop-up window will appear) 3. Click ‘Lost Password’ located at the bottom of the pop-up window. 4. Type in Username or Email Address associated with the lost password. If done correctly you will receive a e-mail. 5. Access E-mail and select the ‘Password […]

Changing your Cover Photo

Starting from the Holler homepage, click the drop down menu next to your profile picture and click on “Edit Profile.” From that page, click on “Cover Photo.” From there, you can upload a cover photo. Choose a file from Windows Explorer, and click “Upload Image,” and you’ll have a cover photo.

Uploading an avatar

Start from the Holler homepage. Click on the dropdown box next to your profile picture (blank or not) and click “Change Photo.” From this screen, click “Select your File” Select a photo to use. The website will then allow you to crop it for use. Click “Crop Image” and you’ll have a new profile picture.   […]

Razer OSVR 2.0 Setup

Standard Operating Procedure for Razer OSVR 2.0 Operation Installing the Software Install Steam: Run Steam and login to your account or create one. Install SteamVR: Navigate to the “Tools” section of the library. Scroll down to “SteamVR” and double-click it to start the installation process. Install the OSVR Software: Download the OSVR all-in-one installer: […]

Messaging Other Users

If you browse to the User Profile of the member you would like to message, you’ll see two buttons for messaging: Public or private. The public message option will let you post on the user’s activity stream and will be visible to all. Clicking the private link will take you to the personal messaging system […]