Continue Course – For students who submit course completion early

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It is important for students to click the “Mark This Unit Complete” link at the end of each unit, but sometimes the links can be clicked before the student has actually completed the entire course. If this happens, it’s easy to fix through the Instructor tools. If you’re an instructor and logged into the site, go to your course page and look at the navigation. You will see a link titled ADMIN – click it.

In the new page that loads you will see a link for MEMBERS – You can filter MEMBERS by their progress in the course. If you click the FILTER STATUS drop down – you can select UNDER EVALUATION.

UNDER EVALUATION will pull up any student who has clicked course completion will show up below.In this example, Finnegan has submitted the course completion

If you click the check-box next to the student’s name (you can do this with one student or multiples at a time) and then scroll down until you see the Instructor controls under the names. If you mouse-over each option – text will pop-up to help you know what each icon represents. You want to click the last option – CHANGE COURSE STATUS

A new selection tool will appear and you can choose CONTINUE COURSE – then click the CHANGE COURSE STATUS button to apply the change.