Folders for Albums and Media

Many of the Holler’s, or sub-communities on, consist of users uploading photos and documents to the activity stream. A new feature you may not be aware of will allow you to organize all media within an individual Holler into folders or albums. When you visit any Holler, or group, on the site, you’ll see […]

Adding and Managing Friends

Adding Friends Go to the Holler homepage and open up the Activity dropdown menu as pictured, and click “Members.” On the next page, you’ll see a list of members and a search bar. Once you find the member that you would like to add as a friend, you can click “Add Friend” at the bottom […]

Viewing and Updating your Profile

You have the ability to feature profile information on the Holler. You can view profile information for any user that has updated their profile by clicking on their username and then clicking on Profile.   You will notice that within each profile, some words are underlined with a dashed line. These underlined words are links […]

Story Submission

Standard Operating Procedure for Story Submission To submit a story, visit website, on any page you will see the “Home” tab at the top left next to the HOLLER logo, if you hover your mouse over this tab a drop down will appear containing “REQUEST FORMS.” If you hover your mouse over this then you […]

Video Requests

Standard Operating Procedure for Making a Video Request If you have an upcoming event you would like to have captured on video (or photos taken) you can check out the required equipment yourself or put in a request to have a Holler Technician shoot the event for you. The Holler staff will work hard to accommodate […]

Changing the email address associated with your account

Navigate to the Holler homepage at and open the dropdown menu next to your profile picture. Click “Settings.” From that page, enter your password into the top box and your desired new email address into the circled box. Click “Save Changes” and your email address will be changed.

Creating an account for the Holler

Go to the Holler homepage at and click on “Register” in the top right corner. On the page that takes you to, fill in your information. Agree to the terms and conditions and click “Complete Sign Up,” and you’ll receive a verification email at your specified address. Click the verification link there, and you’ll […]