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How to Participate in an ACT Twitter Chat

  1. Consider using a Twitter tool-Twitter Chats use a hashtag (#) to keep the conversation around the topic organized. There are multiple applications available to filter the hashtag used for the chat from the rest of the tweets in your Twitter stream. Explore and, as well as search features of desktop management tools like Hootsuite. Practice using the tool before the chat starts so that you know how to reply, re-tweet, and know whether or not the tool automatically includes the chat hashtag (some tools offer this helpful option.) You can also conduct a hashtag search from your Twitter account.
  2. Research/Review available materials-Research or at least review the topic of the chat. Twitter chats move very quickly and if the conversation slows down, the moderator will move on to the next question.  Be prepared with information you wish to share around the topic.  Act Twitter Chat questions will always be shared beforehand to allow you time to prepare what your responses might be.   You might go ahead and sketch out some tweet responses in a Word document that you can cut and paste into tweets.
  3. Share what you’re experiencing-Re-tweet the chat questions so that your followers will see them, understand that you are participating in a live event (and tweeting more frequently than usual), and perhaps join the conversation.  Act Twitter Chats will always use the Q1/A1 format so you will always use the letter A and the question number in your response.  For example, if Q1 is “what is your favorite professional learning activity” then you might reply “A1 I enjoy PLC meetings around shared learning needs.”
  4. Reply to other participants-Interact with the other attendees, not just the moderator and the chat questions. Additional questions, following up on responses where you would like more information or resource suggestions, are expected. Recognize others’ responses that you find particularly relevant.  You will connect with others and probably gain some followers!
  5. Remember to use the hashtag (#)-Perhaps the most common mistake of new participants is not including the hashtag in every tweet during the chat. Tweets that don’t include the hashtag are often missed by other attendees who monitor the stream with a hashtag search or filter. You can continue to use the chat’s hashtag even after the live session ends to share related information.