Class is Back in Session

Learning Management System The Holler LMS has gone through a number of upgrades. Ajax login screen for easier access and faster load times Dynamic quizzes available in BETA (95% up and running with a few more tests to run) Automated email system with reminders and formatting from the Holler server Instruction manual available for Holler […]

One Footer to Rule them All

Change log – April 21, 2017 New Items Universal Footer for all Holler network sites The same site footer system is now implemented across the network. From any page on the site, you can quickly jump from between sites, activity streams and visit the most trafficked and newest sections of The Holler Quick links to […]

60% Faster – You better believe it

March 28, 2017 Server Upgrades Transition to new server-stack complete 60% speed increase for overall site Content distributed to CDN service for faster load times across the US New caching system for logged in versus non-logged in users Original backup server deleted and removed from stack Known Bugs Java error on home page and any […]

January 30, 2017

Media Transcoding Server You may now upload video and audio files directly to the Holler activity stream. The files will be sent to a compression server and then will post as either an mp4 or an mp3 16gb upload limit per post – if your video is larger than 16gb before compression you will not […]